From the Mountains to the Sea

March 15, 2016

We took a long weekend to get out of the city,
it was the perfect opportunity to take a road trip and to get out and see more of Ecuador.

We started the trip by heading down the long and windy mountain road! These Ande Mountains are like no other mountain chain I have ever seen. Long gone are my perceptions that mountains are all granite slabs, towering pines..and snow. This mountain experience couldn’t possibly have been more different!
For starters, it was hot and humid alll the way down…and the mountain side was full of lush, green, jungle foliage and waterfalls EVERY WHERE! Adorable and humble little towns spattered all around, and then… this perfect little roadside café, open to the air and the elements…serving “Sweet Pork” 🙂 And it was goood!
So, after our short stay at the middle of the mountain… we continued our trek downward. We were rewarded again with the continued beauty and diversity of this land. Mile after mile of Banana Plantations followed by acre after acre of Shrimp Farms, and of course… the occasional traffic stop, to allow for the cows to cross! The vistas certainly gave a whole new vision and perspective on “farming”.

And then, at last, the beautiful landscape opened up to the vast Pacific Ocean with it’s cocoa colored sand, pink seashells, and quaint coastal communities. What a joy to watch our children splash and play in this warm, oceean water 😀 And who knew that we would all love Ceviche so much… more please!

Now, back to settling in to daily life with new memories, new impressions, and a little more culture.


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