March 17, 2016

Well, big bummer for us…. we are sick AGAIN!
This is pretty rough for us, as we are typically that family that rarely gets sick. And we are now feeling that in the last month we have been sick more than we have been in the past 5 years 😦
This time we are having symptoms that strongly mimic food or water poisoning. However, we believe that it is more likely to be a nasty flu virus. Carlos and I were hit with it 2 days ago. Peanut had a brutal night last night and Monkey showed some minimized symptoms early this morning. Hopefully it will not progress for either of them!
It seems like if it was food or water poisoning, we would have all exhibited symptoms on the same night?
Either way, we are hoping for a speedy recovery. For now, we are nursing it with popsicles and bottled water… and with any luck, maybe a bowl of my Potato Soup!

*The ice cream selection is out of this world here! Cheap and easily available from the local ice cream “pedalers”. It is sometimes with the typical American milk based variety, but is more commonly with exotic fruit or coconut flavors. This blue one is one of the few “sugary” flavors. It has become a quick favorite with the kiddos. The flavor is “Chicle” Bubblegum 😀

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