Quito Street Food: Tripe

March 10, 2016

The night before last, Carlos took us to the street side food vendors. There were about 10 “kitchens” set up within a green space alongside a busy intersection. Lots of friendly, smiling cooks and their helpers offering up samples!
We, of course headed straight for the TRIPE!!! Let me tell you, Carlos had the biggest smile on his face that I have seen in months! And with that sort of enthusiasm… how could I not try it?! And there were two other things on his side 1) it smelled REALLY good, and 2) I’ve quickly learned that the weirder it looks, the better it tastes 😀

Guess what?! I liked it! It was really tasty, funky textures aside…and next time, I may even be inclined to get my own bowl 😉 I think I would have enjoyed it more had I not been told what it was prior to tasting it. In this case, innocence could have been total bliss! Would you eat grilled cow/pig intestines?

I did have to ask though, what are they cooking at the other stands? Something I might eat a whole bowl of on the first time? Well..not so much! This particular “market” only cooks & sells a variety of cow/pig innards! While I didn’t feel adventurous enough to try another dish, I did take a peek at the “stomach lining soup”. Ummm… no. Did look interesting, but did not smell good at all!

So for now…3 cheers to me for eating 3 bites of TRIPE!


#Ecuador #streetfood @8DUFFLES2MUTTS

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