Sandia Batidos

We have been so into Sandia Batidos lately! I asked Peanut if I could take some photos of her making them yesterday. Because you know, she is 3 going on 13, and I need her permission now 😀 Well, apparently it was my lucky day..she asked me to make a video instead!
These are really easy to make, and I’m sure than many of you have plenty of watermelons in August in the USA! Chill your watermelon, then scoop or the flesh and toss it in the blender. Add a little ice if you like it slushy. If it’s not a super sweet melon, add 1/2 cup of brown sugar. If the melon has seeds, you’ll want to strain the mixture before drinking.
Pour into a cup and top with a slice of melon on the rim.
I honestly can’t understand how we never thought of this, growing up with all those delicious Mississippi watermelons. But, this is a very typical drink in our province of Ecuador, and we are eager to buy them or make them anytime we get the chance.

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