13906934_791634604306955_5448850548540349919_nMaracuya! We got to try another new fruit today. I just love it how we never know what we are going to find. Especially with the season change, is exciting to see what is new. This is a type of passion fruit. Yes, it looks really wierd, feels really wierd to the touch, and the texture…well, it’s pretty out there, too. But the scent and the flavor are out of this world. We have learned, that the stranger it looks, the better it tastes. There isn’t much that we won’t try these days, we don’t want to miss out on any of it. All four of us loved this fruit! You can’t eat the exterior “shell”, but you do eat all the gooey insides and the seeds. The flavor is sweet but tart at the same time, and somehow it tastes like a citrusy white grape. 13921115_791634627640286_8037871335004638380_n13879463_791634617640287_7190108372815466999_n

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  1. When I was in Ecuador, I was amazed at the amount of fruits they had there too. I was also weirded out by the look and texture of passion fruit, but it is indeed a yummy one. 🙂

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