The Neighboring Village: Charapoto

13516244_776569739146775_8185442745586672293_nToday we went on a little ride to a neighboring town. It’s a bigger place than where we live now, and a bit more convenient than getting to the nearest city. We went in search of dog food, sneakers for me, and craft/school supplies for the kids.

Hundreds of chicks for sale!

At the Vet/Pet Supply Shop, they were selling hundreds of the most adorable little chicks. I really wanted to bring one home, and so did Peanut . I’ve always wanted chickens (I bet our dogs would have a hey day…)! But, that will have to wait until another day, year, or life. 🙂 



I found some cute, purple, knock-off Nikes. I had to try them on with a plastic sack, because I wasn’t wearing any socks! Haha! Only in Ecuador! But, we probably paid too much at $15 for the pair..and the clerk took my sweaty sock sack back?!

Knock off shoes..take your pick!

Then we went to the craft supply shop, where we giggled a bit, trying to figure out how to say things like “pipe cleaners”, “googly eyes”, and “pompoms” in Spanish.
We didn’t buy any bananas or open-air meat today, but they were the perfect photo ops so I stopped for a few quick photos. 

Fresh meat anyone?!

We didn’t go to church either, but we really thought the church was charming.
Thanks, to our friend, Pat…for kindly giving us a lift! 


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