Chiva Rides!

13532779_775417825928633_2547440635771206376_nTaking the kids for a Taxi ride! These funny little vehicles are similar to what the locals call “Chivas”. The main difference is that a true Chiva has a truck cab on the front rather than a motorcycle…and there are typically no doors or cabin sides. They are custom-made open air taxis. On this one, the front end is a motorcycle and the back is a basically a box with benches. The seats are covered in a type of orange shag carpet, that protects the riders from smacking their head on the bare wood of the seat back in front of them! The ride is pretty bumpy and the roads here are quite rough. There are no seat belts and one side of the cabin is completely open without any doors.   13566913_775417842595298_8698323267143975859_n            13600191_775417869261962_5665928388354522074_n
The kids love it, as it’s something of combination between a carnival ride and a roller coaster ride 😀 As for me, I can handle it at low-speed for a few blocks, but not much more! The ride usually consists of me clutching the kids for dear life… (for fear that they might flop out the side when it bump over a big rock) and knocking my head several times on the top or sides of the “box”. But, hey, it’s all in the name of good fun…for approximately 50 cents to a dollar, depending on where we are going.

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