Capturing the Color

  004004 One of my favorite things about Ecuador is the color. This is a world full of fresh color in contrast with an old, distressed society. There is something so special about the natural aged look of everything. All that is old has been loved and revived time and time again. I miss painting furniture a lot when I see these incredible scuffed and chipped doors. It brings such immense inspiration to me, to see so much of what I tried to create. But this is a waste-not, want-not culture, and there is no hope of finding these type of furniture rescue projects. All citizens are artists here. They hold a natural sense of recreation and do not hesitate to use what is old, over and over again. 018
I am an artist at heart I guess, and can’t seem to help myself from capturing the beauty of what my eyes decipher every day.. in some way. So… I accidentally came to realize that these incredible pieces of living art are the perfect backdrop for stunning photography. I may just start carrying the camera everywhere! Enjoy these wonderful photos that I have been collecting of our vibrant children.               
 008 006

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