Art and Assimilation

The past weeks have issued a lot of routine, ordinary days, and the establishment of normal. We all cherish the opportunity to settle in. With each passing day, we are more comfortable, make more friends, and find new activities to enhance our lives.
The children love to go on outings throughout the town. Many times we have no particular destination, but we all enjoy the social aspect of being out and about. It’s so easy to do that here, where pretension is unheard of. It’s the kind of place where everyone looks up at you, to say “Hola” and offer a warm smile. It’s a small village, and we have been obnoxiously recognizable since we arrived…But, it is nice that now the townspeople are also becoming familiar to us.
While we strive to assimilate with the locals, we have been pleasantly surprised to find a large group of expats here, mostly retirees from The States, Canada, and Europe. These like-minded folks have been a breath of fresh air. They have all been so kind, welcoming, and supporting of our transition here.

In fact, last week we attended an art group, that is hosted by a retired American couple who live right across the street. Even our 3-year-old was welcomed to participate, and she hasn’t stopped talking about it since. She didn’t mind at all that she was the only kid, she was just thrilled to find a place to create outside the home. I thoroughly enjoyed it myself, to sit alongside my daughter, each of us immersed in separate projects, yet “together”in every sense. And from the perspective of both Mommy and Artist, it is exactly the type of outlet I have needed for the past 10 years.. and especially in the past 4 since the kids arrived. I never imagined in my wildest dreams, that I would find this HERE… and now?!
Hopefully that it isn’t becoming too redundant for me to say so, but we are have found a community to thrive in & we are so happy!

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