“Natural” Life

April 7, 2016

Living a “Natural” life is getting easier every day!
Today, the kids and I stopped at the Open Air Market to grab some limones and cilantro for a fish dish.

I was overwhelmed by the smell of peanuts.. so I followed my nose to the stand of a man making fresh peanut butter! 😀 He was actually standing there pulverizing them right in front of us! And ZERO additives or preservatives, just 100% pure peanuts!
Then, Peanut was asking for pineapple and Monkey was asking for strawberries. So we got those, too 🙂
The going rate for everything was $1 today! Wahoo!
$1 for 1 lb of peanut butter, $1 for 1 lb of strawberries, $1 for the whole pineapple, and $1 for the bag of 30 limons!

Oh..and the 2nd photo is a Ginger Honey Tea that I made at home. The honey is local and was purchased from a man who knocked on the door and asked us to buy it to help support his family 😉 The filled wine bottle was $10!
The ginger root, I also bought that locally for a whopping 40 cents! ♡

If feels really good to shop & eat this way…trying our best to avoid the Gringo Super Market (except for diapers), and collectively eliminating processed, mass produced, or chemical laden foods. And it’s so wonderful to know that we are genuinely supporting the lives of families in our own neighborhood while nourishing our own family with the best kind of food in the world!
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