Shrimp in Ecuador

Did you know???
Ecuador is the 2nd largest producer of shrimp in the WORLD! Pretty amazing considering it’s tiny size, being slightly smaller than the state of Nevada.
Surprisingly, most of the shrimp here is actually farmed in ponds even though plenty of it still comes from the Pacific Ocean, too.
Shrimping brings in a 1 Billion dollar industry for Ecuador. astronomical number, considering that most Ecuadorians survive on as little as 79% less than the annual income of the average American.

While buying exported shrimp in the USA has proven to be pricey in the last is quite affordable to buy it here and could even be considered a staple of the Ecuadorian diet. We recently bought 2 lbs of what I considered to be Jumbo Shrimp for $5..completely cleaned, peeled, & deveined. Never frozen, probably caught just hours before we purchased it. I later learned that these shrimp are only medium sized and that Jumbo Shrimp here could easily be close to the size of a small Lobster.

Garlic Shrimp, pasta, and avocado that I prepared at home today!
Images that I pulled from Google of what Shrimp Farms look like here. (None of MY pictures turned out clear enough, as they were taken from a moving vehicle)
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