They Call Me Magma

The Valley of the Volcanoes, Ecuador

Our adventures have begun! Well, perhaps we should say that our adventures have advanced! We have been living and exploring in Ecuador for over a year now. The year has been so grand that we decided it was time to step it up a notch. We have become comfortable with trotting around a third world country, our children have blossomed into little adventurers and our mutts have proven to be steadfast companions. But, our feet can only carry us so far in lands vast and diverse.

The time has come to add one more addition to this clan. Not of the human or dog variety, but of the super petrol chugging kind. It took some careful thought and consideration, a little more effort than driving a sparkling new truck off the lot. We needed something with the potential to live in, sleep in, and travel long distances in. Something big and heavy duty. Something old and reliable. Red wasn’t a requirement but red was what we got. Our new-to-us live aboard, haul aboard caravan is a 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60.  We have named her Magma, in honor of our first adventures with her on guard to the Valley of the Volcanoes right here in Ecuador.

She earned her badges on this beautiful trip and we have some big stories to tell of our  adventures exploring some of Ecuador’s most famous Volcanoes. While we are busy compiling the fascinating tales and unforgettable photos, this is a sneak peak of what is to come:

Hanging around the campsite under Cotopaxi!
Peaceful, remote roads through the valleys.
Laundry under one of the Illiniza Volcanoes
Did you ever imagine that the wildlife and landscapes on a volcano could look like this?!
Our mutt, Joey..hanging out with an alpaca.
Beautiful sights all around…
Time for hot dogs!
The “fire pit” on our Cotopaxi camp site, and Dad starting a fire!
Lots of 4X4 for a National Park!
Fascinating plants, flowers, and grasses.
17431050_1112968785516188_601180008_o (1)
Quilotoa Crater Lake!
Camping in Cotopaxi, Ecuador with Kids
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