The Most Sinful Dish of All

There is a small village called Nanegalito that rests in the Andes Mountains, about half way between the top and bottom. The charming streets and colorful people lured us into the rhythm of their life. We couldn’t resist the aromas of this happy little place, and we stopped for lunch when lunch wasn’t due!

Scenic countryside of the Andes surrounds Nanegalito.

Cooked on the street corner, like all of the best foods in Ecuador,we found a traditional ethnic food called Fritada. Pork and potatoes, with maduro (sweet plantains), and mote (something like hominy) all tossed together in an artery clogging bacon sauté. After all, Fritada means “Fried”. The calorie crime for this dish is well worth the sacrifice, with melt-in-your-mouth home style cooking that made us wish we hadn’t left the source miles behind.

The people seem so happy here!
Fritada from Nanegalito.

22 Replies to “The Most Sinful Dish of All”

  1. Yum! I love stumbling upon delicious and interesting street food. This looks like it would really hit the spot 🙂


    1. No, it’s not the sort place anyone would know about, unless they happened to stumble through like we did! Ecuador is full of unexpected gems. Road trips out of the city guarantee a good time!


    1. Oh yes! You should! We definitely would have missed out on a lot of experiences if we chosen to bypass them. And not just food either, there is so much social interaction in the experiences as well.


  2. Trying the foods of the locals will be all worth it. Whenever I travel, I would like to taste even one exotic food. Well, the only kind of food I will avoid are snakes and scorpions. Haha! I think you had a good time eating their specialties. 🙂

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    1. Local foods are the best! I’m not sure I would eat a scorpion either, but I would try snake. Here, it is also a very popular dish to eat Guinea Pig. I’ve been dying to try it since we’ve moved here, but it is not really common in the province where we live.


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