Fitness in Ecuador

Today I want to take a few moments to talk about my husband, and what he is doing here in Ecuador.

As many of you may already know, he is a bit of a health and fitness guru. In the States, he has been the curator of a revolutionary fitness program that he started nearly 15 years ago. He has collectively changed the bodies and minds of thousands of participants and followers. He practices what he preaches, and he preaches about the wholeness of a fitness lifestyle…not just the cliche of time spent in the gym. His programs are designed with real life in mind, with the idea of supporting an active lifestyle through obtainable goals and appropriate nutrition. He stresses that mental wellness is an essential part of achieving overall health.

The “master” in his element. Most people would never guess that he will turn 45 next month!

Today, he is still proud to host numerous locations present in the States.

Upon returning to his home country of Ecuador, Carlos had no intention of opening a new location. He has spent the past 3+ months here focusing on miscellaneous volunteer projects, and learning to navigate the intricacies of managing a business from abroad.
Just over 30 days ago, our family was forced to relocate after surviving the destructive 7.8 earthquake that impacted Ecuador on April 16.
Upon arriving in a small village, we looked for ways to support our new community and to immerse ourselves in their culture. It didn’t take Carlos long to discover a place intense in their interest for mixed martial arts and passionate about overall health and fitness. After a week of tumbling barefoot in the dirt with a small crowd of participants, it became obvious that there was a need for what he loves and does best.
After several weeks of planning and collaboration, it all came together om June 2, 2016.. on opening day at INFiERNO Fitness.

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