The Rustic Lighthouse of San Jacinto

sanjacintolighthousefamilyWe love to visit this small light beacon that rests on a rocky shore in another fishing village just south of where we live. The best part of it, in my opinion, is that is appears to be a bit neglected in appearance. This could be totally false, as I now understand how destructive the misty salt air can be..for all I know, it was just painted last month and is simply subjected to the elements of daily life at the seaside.

Whatever the truth is, there is something charming about it’s lack of perfection. The worn paint, foggy glass, and the faded Virgin Mary who resides inside are symbolic of the typical life and tradition in an Ecuadorian fishing village. It is a place where tradition and folklore trump modern and new in each passing moment. sanjacintolighthouse
It is not actually attached to a “house”, but we are led to believe that it’s purpose must be to veer boats away from the rocky shores. The same shores that threaten the fishermen are those that protect these coastal villages from the angry, high tides of the ocean.
We have yet to see it lit up at night, and are not entirely sure if it is even functional at all. But, it’s our list of things-to-do, to sneak up on the structure at nightfall to find out if it’s casting a beam for the fishers out at sea.


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