Yes, She is Learning

13503075_771599696310446_1847701519862041590_oThe past few weeks Peanut has shown some resistance to my homeschool preschool agenda. I’m slowly understanding, through her, the importance of letting her learn at her own pace. I’m finding out what it means, as a parent (and as her proposed educator) to just let go, and let her be. To TRUST that she is indeed learning. I do not offer any direction, suggestion, or instruction when is comes to her art, unless she asks. She is learning. To let her play and explore on her own, are the best gifts that I can give her. She is only 3 after all. And she is learning. 13537793_771599712977111_4459895133223943523_n
It doesn’t really matter if she mixes the paint colors together, smushes my only paint brush, uses 20 sheets of paper, and leaves a gigantic mess in the bathroom sink…right after it was cleaned. She is learning. Who am I to stop her, push her in another direction, and ridicule her over waste and mess?
She is learning. She is learning. She is learning! I refuse to miss the importance of this!

Art and Assimilation

The past weeks have issued a lot of routine, ordinary days, and the establishment of normal. We all cherish the opportunity to settle in. With each passing day, we are more comfortable, make more friends, and find new activities to enhance our lives.
The children love to go on outings throughout the town. Many times we have no particular destination, but we all enjoy the social aspect of being out and about. It’s so easy to do that here, where pretension is unheard of. It’s the kind of place where everyone looks up at you, to say “Hola” and offer a warm smile. It’s a small village, and we have been obnoxiously recognizable since we arrived…But, it is nice that now the townspeople are also becoming familiar to us.
While we strive to assimilate with the locals, we have been pleasantly surprised to find a large group of expats here, mostly retirees from The States, Canada, and Europe. These like-minded folks have been a breath of fresh air. They have all been so kind, welcoming, and supporting of our transition here.

In fact, last week we attended an art group, that is hosted by a retired American couple who live right across the street. Even our 3-year-old was welcomed to participate, and she hasn’t stopped talking about it since. She didn’t mind at all that she was the only kid, she was just thrilled to find a place to create outside the home. I thoroughly enjoyed it myself, to sit alongside my daughter, each of us immersed in separate projects, yet “together”in every sense. And from the perspective of both Mommy and Artist, it is exactly the type of outlet I have needed for the past 10 years.. and especially in the past 4 since the kids arrived. I never imagined in my wildest dreams, that I would find this HERE… and now?!
Hopefully that it isn’t becoming too redundant for me to say so, but we are have found a community to thrive in & we are so happy!

Earthquake Art

Another wonderful art project to benefit the earthquake victims. These artists are painting stunning scenes onto actual pieces of rubble that have been collected from earthquake debris sites.
They are being sold for no profit to the artists, but to raise money for victims of the earthquake.

Just another wonderful example of the good hearts of Ecuadorians and an incredible testament to the importance of art in this culture.

Rock Art for Preschoolers

These are the paintings that our kids made at home this week with their Art Activity.
I call it “Rock Art”.
We placed 2 sheets of paper in the bottom of a plastic bin. Then we put in 3 dabs of paint in primary colors (yellow, blue, and red). Then we tossed in a handful of rocks and shook them around. When we didn’t get the effect we wanted, we sprayed water on the paper and paint with a spray bottle.


The experiment was to learn what colors are created when the primary colors are mixed. We were were aiming for Purple (red + blue), Green (blue + yellow), and Orange (yellow + red).
We were pleasantly surprised when we also got a bit of teal and brown!
The kids say: Learning is FUN! 😀

Art on the Rubble

Javier before starting on a new graffiti painting.

May 19, 2016.

There is an artist, by the name of Edison “Javier” Santacruz, who is traveling around to many of the areas effected by the earthquake.
He is a friend of my husband’s and we have learned about his mission and had the opportunity the capture this photo before he began one of the paintings.

An actual representation of homes that stood in the area, prior to the earthquake.

He is a graffiti artist and he is a part of this incredible project called “Art on the Rubble”. He and a few other painters on his team are helping the community to heal.
With so many homes being demolished, the painters are on a mission to bring beauty to the rubble.

This is a painting of the local mangroves and fishing boats, it is painted on a water cistern.

We had seen and posted photos of a few of his murals, prior to the earthquake and even before we knew of him or that he had painted them.

Our admiration for his talent began long before we learned of the goodness of his heart. Javier is an accomplished painter and has previously been commissioned to paint murals throughout the community, including for the Natural History Museum.
However, we believe that this project is coming to life through no monetary compensation, and only out of the desire to bring joy and beauty to the community.

There are many, many more murals than I have photos of. It seems to us that at least 1 mural per day is being completed.

I’m looking forward to visiting the area again soon (with my better camera), as I’m sure there are hundreds of these paintings available now.

A depiction of the entryway of a historical home.
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