Peru’s Colca Canyon and the Condor Cross


Canyons are an impressive wonder of nature, both for the eyes and for the mind. It is one thing entirely to look over the vast crevices in amazement. It is another entirely to connect with the history of the creations.

There is some strange evolution taking place within me, as I strive to understand the how and why behind the sights that we are so fortunate to see. Perhaps it comes with a writer’s curiosity to tell a story. Maybe from the passion to teach our children from the tools of this wide wonderful world. Or, indeed this evolution might have something to do with the broadening horizons of a seasoned traveler.


From Peru we have learned the long history of humanity, Christianity, gastronomy, craftsmanship, music, and beyond. We have even touched on issues of environment and ecology, anthropology, paleontology, and architecture. But, the study of earth, geology, somehow had not yet crept into this edition of the book of life.

Standing at the crest of the Condor Cross, where millions of other toes have pressed against the stone barriers…the significance of life takes on a whole new meaning. The plunging neckline of the canyon careens into the gushing jewelry of the Colca River some 2 miles below. And at the arches of the valley, dazzling white caps draped over the volcanoes twinkle like diamonds atop a crown.

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