Why We Chose to Pursue #VanLife

Why do you want to live in your car? Won’t you miss your home? Where will your kids sleep? What will you eat? What about school? Don’t you need a job? What about a doctor? Where will you get your mail? Is this safe? Is this healthy? Wait- You have dogs, too?! Are you crazy?

These are just a tiny fraction of the questions we were asked when we decided to start this journey. That is, to move into our Landcruiser and travel full-time as a nomadic family. As we travel, the same questions in many variations resurface over and over again. We enjoy the conversation most of the time, encourage the questions, are even pleased to share our viewpoints. Occasionally there are people that we must laugh at or simply walk away from. But, overall, it is fun to let people in on the big mystery.

Yes, we have thought this over. Talked it over. Analyzed it, reanalyzed it. It was not a light decision that we just woke up one morning and decided to move into our “van”. We have carefully scrutinized every tiny detail, imagined the worse possible scenarios, recognized the scrutiny we will receive, AND decided to do it anyway.

WHY? Because we genuinely believe that this is the best fit for our family. This list chronicles our answers to the biggest questions.

  1. We Don’t Settle 20170512_152941Literally. We have tried it out for years, it just doesn’t fit. Suburb life, small town life, rural life, beach life. No matter how grand the place, how great the house, nothing lasts forever. We love everywhere. We want to try it all, live it all, experience it all. Staying in one place, in one house, just doesn’t suit us. Settling down is not the right life for us. But, moving in and moving out, selling, renting, whatever… it is all rather exhausting. We see this life as a path for skipping all that hassle. We are nomads, moving as slowly or quickly as we like. Lingering when we love it, passing when we don’t, hanging around as little or as long as we see fit.
  2. Anti-Attachments DSC_0072 (2)We don’t do “stuff”. Not anymore. We did that once. We felt tired, overwhelmed, and exhausted just looking at the stuff. Forget cleaning it, organizing it, and remembering we had it. All of the money and time we wasted on it. We are sick of stuff. We took a stake in minimalism when we first moved abroad. Not on purpose. It happened by accident. It was so liberating to have only what we needed and to stop “needing” more. Teaching our kids the concept has been rewarding, too. They are 3 and 4, but they get it. We are all happier with less. More creative, curious, adventurous, and spontaneous. None of us have any one thing that we are particularly attached to. In fact, much of what we still need; we really wish we didn’t.
  3. Natural TherapyDSC_0039 (1)We are not anti-medicine or anti-doctor, but we are pro-independence. We will use a doctor if we need it, go to the hospital when necessary. However, we do not wish to live our lives dependent on prescriptions, physicals, and programmed check-ups or injections. We love to learn about and practice natural medicine, gaining as much knowledge as possible to treat daily ailments with the same methods of our ancestors. The world is full of alternatives to pharmaceuticals, ancient practices that pre-date medications. We aim to learn as much about them as possible.
  4. Money Matters 18446887_10154617042390662_1980677124200578081_nWe both have “jobs” that are location independent. However, we don’t work much because we don’t need much. This lifestyle costs LESS than a traditional one! Yes, you read that right. Traveling full time as a family costs us less than it did to own a home and new car and all of the expenses that go with them. We don’t pay any costs associated with owning a home like electricity and plumbing, HOA’s, lawn care, cleaning costs, appliance maintenance, insurance, etc. We also don’t pay for health insurance. In South America, health care is affordable and good quality. Insurance is not necessary or required. It is important to note that we are economically minded travelers. We are not paying for flights or hotels, taxis, or high-end restaurant foods. We drive, we camp or stay at low cost venues when necessary (in Ecuador, hostels cost an average of $8-20 per night). We eat like locals, shop like locals, live like locals everywhere we go. We typically avoid tourist traps and focus on authentic experiences instead. Incredibly, they are always a fraction of the price. Realizing that traveling would be cheaper than staying in one place: was a huge factor in making our lifestyle decision.
  5. Schooled By the World
    DSC_0163 (2)“Not all classrooms have four walls.” This is a simple way to sum up how we feel about our children and their education. Although our children are not yet old enough to be enrolled in school, we have already begun a learning a system that we intend to practice for as long as it is working. It is a home-based education principle that relies heavily on interest-based learning. We intend to teach them through the world and their environment over workbooks and curriculum. We hope to instill in them that learning is not related to an age, grade level, testing success, or to a generalized standard. We want them to love learning and for this, we aim to teach them in natural ways that interest them at the time that curiosity strikes.
  6. Safety Concerns 20170512_153001We are aware that the world is not a perfect place, and therefore there can be no perfect destination. We are not looking for perfection, we are looking for real life. Every location we visit is well researched and every risk completely calculated with the best interest of our entire family in mind. Thus far, we have learned that the greatest risk to any of us, is to let fear interfere with our discovery of incredible places and perspective changing experiences. We travel to get of our comfort zone, to immerse in diverse cultures, and to gain an intimate understanding of the world. Ultimately, we have learned that world is not as bad as it seems. People are mostly good and the planet most beautiful in the places we are afraid to look.
  7. Close Knit Family 20170508_070940.jpgPeople wonder where we get our alone time, who babysits the kids, how the children will have their own space, etc. The truth is, none of that exists in this life. We choose to be together all the time. That literally means every moment. It has been this way from the beginning. We are happiest this way. There is no babysitter, no school hours or working time. We are together 24/7 and we truly struggle to function when we are not. Our kids get along very well, usually better together than with other children. We have raised them to be team mates. When they have their moments or days of adversity, they have learned how to separate from each other. They understand how to negotiate duties, space and time. Sometimes with a little help from us and other times on their own. As for intimate time between parents, there is plenty of room for spontaneity and creativity. No room for routine or a schedule. We like to believe this is the way nature intended it to be!
  8. Dogs Love Travel                                  DSC_0213 (2)                                                              If people tend to think we are strange for traveling with young children, they tend to think we are completely insane when we mention our dogs. It is not easy to travel with dogs, but it has surely has been worth it. For us, it simply was not an option to leave our dogs behind. They have been with us before our children, they are a definitive part of our family. For us, it was not feasible to simply discard them when we chose to move abroad and then to embrace full-time travel. Fortunately for all of us, both of our dogs travel very well. In fact, they genuinely seem to thrive on the road. Just like the rest of our family, they seem content so long as they are with us. We always choose destinations based on their needs. If they are not welcome or accepted, we simply do not go. Luckily, most of what we like is complimentary to traveling with dogs and we rarely encounter a problem.

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25 Replies to “Why We Chose to Pursue #VanLife”

  1. Dear, so sweet… Everyone thought different, like something different, different taste, different love, different beliefs. We all have just the same thing, that is family and live on a planet. Wish you’re and children everyday have good day and bless you always.

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  2. Could’ve used some proofreading on this post! The writing seemed like it was done by a different person than who usually posts.

    I’m curious as to what your “independent” jobs are and how you have internet service in most of the locales you choose to visit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your feedback. It is certainly disappointing to hear that one of our loyal readers did not enjoy a new post. But, as always, I accept the criticism as an opportunity to improve our content. Since our travels have begun, we have been flooded with emails and inquires. Many of them are requests to provide more information about this lifestyle beyond the stories. This is a period of great growth for the blog. It is also comes with a large learning curve on my part, as I have never previously written for the audience. I have always written the stories specifically for our children. I do feel a bit of awkwardness and conflict with my natural writing style with the new segments of the blog. But, I am confident that these are rookie obstacles and soon I will find the right voice for my informative posts.

      My husbands runs his own business with the capability of working anywhere as long as he has phone service occasionally. I work as a freelance writer and social media influencer. For me, I just need internet at least once a week to be able to schedule all of my online engagements even when I can not be present. We have recently purchased an wireless router with a sim card slot. This should allow us to buy a sim card in every country, which allow to have internet access whenever there is a local phone service provider within reach. The system is being shipped and we have yet to test it, but we are excited for the solution!


      1. I never said that I did not like/enjoy the post. I was interested in your more thorough explanations of how life is when traveling as you do.

        I wish your whole family all the best.


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    1. You’re right! It was not that long ago. I just received a notice from WordPress that I opened my account exactly one year ago! Thank you so much for your support, we really appreciate the encouragement 😀

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  3. Thanks for putting your reasons for doing this into context. My boyfriend and I are in the process of selling our stuff and are heading to Costa Rica in October. We plan to travel for quite a while and have considered that it may be fun to get a vehicle in South America and do some road tripping as well. Obviously it’s a bit different with just the two of us, but I can relate with many of your reasons for wanting to do this. I’m excited to keep following you along on your journey, and who knows, maybe our paths will cross sometime:)

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    1. Oh, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your plans with us! We remember the stage you are in now very well. We started out as expats, and we went through all that selling and planning phase not that long ago! Hopefully you do make to South America…and maybe we’ll be in Central America, too! We LOVE to meet other travelers along the way. That would be a lot of fun!

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  4. This blog post really opened my eyes! I think it’s fantastic what you guys do and something we aspire to be like. Travel is the most important thing you could ever teach your children. Congratulations on your new lifestyle, fingers crossed one day we can be like you! X

    Liked by 1 person

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