Top 3 Agro Eco Farms in Ecuador

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After over a year of traveling in Ecuador, we have complied a list of our favorite Agro Eco destinations. The Agro Eco industry is an extension of eco tourism that includes a strong influence from agri travel venues. It sums up to be a delightful mix of travel destinations that often include farm stays at organic eco-friendly properties.

Not only do travelers get the opportunity to learn about living in sustainable ways to the environment, they also get to understand the principles behind raising animals with animal friendly practices. It is a true way to gain respect and understanding for ecology and agriculture.

The experiences of agro eco tourism are often hands on and immersive learning experiences mixed with outdoor adventure. The opportunities are endless for learning about natural and cultural practices. It is not uncommon to also gain knowledge of the vegan or vegetarian lifestyles and natural medicine.

These are our favorite destinations in Ecuador for the ultimate Agro Eco experience:

1.Rio Muchacho Organic Ranch

About: In the coastal jungles of central Ecuador, this mostly-vegan and organic ranch practices and teaches a wealth of information about sustainable living. An easy drive or hike from the highway, accommodations for backpackers and campers, as well as lodging for any type of traveler. English and Spanish speakers. Communal kitchens, gardens and cooking. Family friendly and suitable for young children. Day trips, over nights, and packages available with or without  guided tours.

Experiences: Horseback riding, hiking, tree climbing, waterfall, river swimming, gardening, chocolate making, coffee making, monkey viewing, feeding pigs.

Location: near Canoa, Manabi Province, Ecuador

Our Travel Story: Entranced By the Rio Muchacho

2. Sacha Runa Vaqueria

Experience: In the Valley of the Volcanoes with exquisite views of the Cotopaxi, Illinizas, and Cayambe volcanoes. Designated camp sites, camper parking (with 4 X4), and guest house lodging. Chef service and use of communal kitchen available. Hikes to waterfalls and thermal pools. Spanish Speakers. Agriculture tours, interaction with cows, horses, sheep, and chickens. Cow milking, herbal teas, tree planting. Suitable for dogs and young children.

Location: Pastocalle,  Cotopaxi Province, Ecuador

Our Travel Story: Lullabies of the Sacha Runa

3. Neverland Farm

Experience: In an extremely remote area of the  Chirusco Valley along the Piscobambo River tributaries. Accessible by vehicle (4 X4 necessary at times) or by established hiking route Vilkahike.  Bunkhouse accommodations, cook on site and communal kitchen. English and Spanish Speakers. Tent camping and overland parking also available. A scenic location with the full farm life experience. Milking and herding goats, rabbits, chickens, cows, dogs, and horses. Hiking, horseback riding, fishing, gathering of herbs, fruit, nuts. Education on preservation and sustainability, organic pesticide and insecticide practices, medicinal plant therapies. Short and extended stay opportunities available.

Location: Near Vilcabmaba, Vilcabamba Province, Ecuador

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  1. I am soon going to Ecuador and was thinking about working on a farm to gain experience and insights about culture and sustainable eco-system, and I think I will consider the first two. The healthy eating and the outdoor adventure is a plus!

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