The Last Drop of Ordinary

The final moments of this life close in on us like the last curtain. Heavily collapsing through the air with a murky cloud of dust left hanging in the air. Our obligations to this life linger for a moment in the aftermath. But, ultimately they break apart and dissolve into infinity; as if they were never there.

The world is quiet and our audience holds their applause, stunned by the closing act. In the far back of the theatre of our life; one significant pair of hands applauds in a delayed yet firm approval. And then one more supporter surfaces, a gray-haired soul seated at the corner of the first row. She smiles sweetly at me as tears streak the soft, peach apples of her powdered cheeks.

In these days, we definitively say goodbye to ordinary once and for all. We turn our backs on the best laid plans of our parents, societies, and governments. We kick up dust in a mockery of all things intended for us. We stand up against regiment, order, and judgment. We say “No” to a lackluster life of corporate ladders and white, picket fences.

2017-04-18 15.47.10

We grasp the fingers of our young and tug the collars of our canines. We walk alone into the wild unknown to live a purposeful life built from the pillars of retaliation. It is now or never that we take our lives back and that we claim the destiny that is the right of us all. We choose freedom and a revolutionary life.

From here, we will roam, we will wander; we will pave the path that society stole from us long ago. We defy the need for a formal education, a career, and a homestead. From here, we drift with the currents of the earth, the music of the winds, and among the souls of nomads.

We turn the key one last time; leave the stoop with a fond farewell. We kiss goodbye the house that resembles the last drop of an ordinary life. From here on out, we will claim the ultimate prize as wanderers of the world.

Imagine the adventures that await us, the stories untold, the memories we will hold. All of them are the contents of dreams that whisper in the ears of us all. They are premonitions of a beautiful life that we stopped aiming for long ago.  But, the glimmer of wonder is still there, twinkling from afar; enticing the willful wanderers to come and explore.


When did we stop listening to the buzz of the bees and the hum of the stream? When did it occur that we embraced blinking streetlights and rumbling traffic in their place? When did we stop hearing the hints from within? To get out ,to disconnect, to breathe in the air of an undisturbed place…

Was it when we cluttered our lives with instant messages and online notifications? Or was it our over-filled schedules and over-ambitious aspirations? Was it all of it? Have we all been doing life all wrong?

There is still time to be rescued, still room to reverse everything that doesn’t mean anything. Don’t judge us, question us, belittle us; ridicule us. There is room enough for everyone. Virtually, literally, figuratively, in any way you like. Come along with us. Come and escape.


14 Replies to “The Last Drop of Ordinary”

  1. Absolutely and utterly beautiful!!! Currently living in a society that lives in the middle of beauty yet doesn’t have eyes to see, or to even look at the everyday wonders that happen all around the place …

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  2. I know. I am one of them. …born in Eastern Europe, grown up in Germany, went to the wild in Canada after graduating from High School, met my wife there while travelling, married in Germany 17 years ago and now moved to Japan last year, with our 6 year old kid.

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