The Whisper of the Universe

The universe is calling. Can you hear her? The voice is pure and delicate. Like the sweet whisper of morning dew as it rests on the first flowers of spring. Her message is clear, mirroring the hints from a sunbeam that refracts against the crystal gem of water. Enlightenment has begun.

How much more time can we wait to acknowledge that we’ve been listening? For us, not a single year more will slide by in this denial. The time has come for us to reveal what our purposeful future holds.

It has been some time coming, though we didn’t know it then. The universe has been infinitely patient and she smiles on us as we finally surrender. There is a quote that comes to mind right now, a recent favorite of mine.

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet”- Rachel Wolchin.

If we were meant to

Maybe I’ve known this all along. Maybe my husband has, too. Since leaving the warmth beneath our parents’ wings, we have neither been the type to stay in one place very long. We have sure tried in earnest, but the peacefulness that is meant to hold us, never arrives in time. In the thresholds of a historic home, perched atop the perfect acreage retreat, and even here on the shores that have tried to lull us to sleep. It seems, nothing can keep our feet from wandering.

Home isn’t a place for us; it is a sense of being. And the honest truth that we have come to find, is that four walls are rather suffocating for our spirits. We need to soar high across the purple mountains and far over the azul seas, through the softest dunes and roughest roads. We need to be constantly seeking, frequently roaming, and always pleasing our nomadic souls.


If the suggestions are a little too subtle, we are ready to move on again.

We haven’t been planning this long, we aren’t the planning type. Just a few months ago we found ourselves dreaming of places near and far, searching destinations and discovering an incurable wanderlust. The more lands we added to our list, the less we felt like staying home. And then we began to wonder…”what if we didn’t”? What if we didn’t come back home?

This is apparently how it begins, when a family decides to become perpetually nomadic. We are now in the final stages of planning our new life on the road. Indefinitely.  Some will call us hippies. Some will call us crazy. Many will call us worse, and a few will call us better. But, we aren’t doing this for any of them. We are doing this for us.

Yes, there it is in plain text, right on the screen!! We’ve finally made our announcement for the whole world to see. We are indeed just about to move into a camper van/truck/altered-vehicle-thingy. We are on the brink of becoming a fulltime traveling family! All six of us! You didn’t think we were about to leave the dogs behind now, did you? The hubby and I, our two kids (nearly 3 and 4.5) and our big, old mutts are nearly ready to begin an adventure of epic proportions.


Our journey will begin as an elaborate tour of the rest of Ecuador before we move on to discover South America in its entirety. We will be traveling all of it by road, and as much of it as possible via 4X4! We’ll be camping by both car and tent, cooking by the campfire, and living in the vast, wide open world. We don’t have any set route or destination at this point, but we certainly won’t be in a hurry. We plan to travel as slowly as we like, quite possibly spending several weeks to several months in each country. There are no plans other than that!

We are over-the-moon excited to share with all of you, many places that you may have never heard of or seen before. And of course, I’m sure we’ll have plenty to show of the stunning destinations all around South America that most of us are well informed of.

Stay tuned to see more about the in-between places, inside peeks about this transformational time, and some very raw travel and lifestyle inspiration! We are so excited to make this announcement and we can’t wait to hear the reactions!


*This is just an intermission from our regular stories, more from our recent trip to the Valley of the Volcanoes are brewing!

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35 Replies to “The Whisper of the Universe”

  1. We hear her too xxx We weren’t quite ready but we left anyway. She caught us and our path is yet unknown. We don’t make long term plans just wish lists and see what path gets laid before us. We asked our four children where home is, and they said wherever we are together. Home does not mean 4 walls, to us it is our family together exploring this big wide world of ours! What an adventure and experience for us all xxx Look forward to following your explorations of South America.

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    1. I think that is the big mystery that many people are missing…there is never the right time or the perfect moment or the best laid plan! You just gotta go when she calls you 🙂 So happy to connect with you and follow your journeys as well! Perhaps one day, we will get lucky enough to pass the same path at the same time! Happy travels to you and your clan! 😀

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  2. Wow. Exciting times. I think this post is great, and the connection to our surroundings is so real. We were brought up to believe this. To respect and listen to your surroundings. The voyager in me constantly calls for a journey of discovery.

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    1. Yes, I grew up this way as well. In a time and place when we were taught to notice and respect everything in our natural surroundings. We are so relieved that we are finally figuring out how to give our children these same of experience and memories! Our children bring out the best of the Discoverer in all of us!


  3. So glad you are doing it. Announcing it helps contour the journey because it is SCARY at first. So many questions. We are full time nomads and it is the best feeling in the world! Congrats and welcome to nomad life!

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  4. YES! So excited for you. I can feel your own excitement. What an amazing time you’ll have. I should have guessed that acquiring that 4×4 was about more than just having wheels. 🙂
    Wishing all six of you the most safe and joyous travels.

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    1. Oh means much more than that! Subtle hints, you know? We are so excited to get going! Thank you as always for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for craziness. Really hope that we get the chance to run into you two somewhere along the way!

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      1. Oh, I figured that much. But, I am fairly confident that our travels will not stop with South America. It might be a few years..but, I hope we move on to other parts of the world eventually. You never know, crazier things have happened!

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  5. Wow! Absolutely remarkable. You’ve taken a path travelled only by a few. Just thinking of the memories you’ll be creating along the way makes me want to hop in a van and leave the world behind and go places, near and far. I’m blown away. Eagerly awaiting the new posts describing your travels, especially South America. Cheers!

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    1. It is a unique kind of anxiousness and peacefulness that fills the space between our recent return and our impending ultimate departure. I am so honored that you have chosen to follow our journey. And I hope that one day you jump in a van and find the path to your destination!

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    1. To be quite honest, part of the inspiration for our journey came at the realization that to travel slowly, and humbly will actually cost us less that it does to live a modern life. My husband has the pleasure of owning his own company that runs remotely. As a writer, I can also work remotely. We don’t need a lot of money, we need to find a good internet connection on a regular basis, and we have to be willing to live as locals…not as tourists, where ever we go.

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      1. This is so important to tell people. We ask ourselves a million questions before starting beautiful life journeys, half of them about money, and most of them are “big” enough to stop us from venturing out. Bravo for following through and hope more people are inspired by you guys 👏👏👏

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      2. We tell those who will listen, but many are quick to refute it. But, making a transition in perspective is far far more significant than the money in your bag. Of course it is not free to travel, but it also is not free to own/rent a home, drive a new car, or to get a college degree. We have surrendered the need for a home, new car, and most modern things. Our expenses will go towards the costs of a nomadic life (gas, food, clothing, sustainable shelter) rather than towards things that maintain a suburban life. So you can see, that if you can travel in this simple way…the cost is less than most traditional lifestyles:-)
        Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!

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    1. Really, it is our children who influence the wonder and adventure in us. We can’t help it, we want to witness the world through their wonder and innocence. It is they who have taught us that a beautiful and kind world does exist!

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