Salty Kisses and Starlight Wishes

We lay together in the inky, cobalt darkness beneath the freckled twilight sky. Our backs pressed to the plush sandy blanket beneath the golden mountains of San Clemente, Ecuador. As close as we could possibly be, cheek to cheek against our tangled mess of sea- breeze teased hair. My little ones and me. Only two and four, and silenced by the beauty of this place, just like me.

We watched the silhouette of their father, as his weaved in and out and all around the dancing feathers of our first seaside bonfire.  He tip toed into the darkness across the noiseless expanse of sand, peeking over our shoulders in hopes of finding two tiny pairs of closed eyelids. But, their lashes faltered in his presence and any slumber that was lurking, quickly darted to the other side of the world. The amber glow of the flickering flames highlighted the soft round edges of their angelic faces, and they burst into giggles at the sight of their favorite person in this whole universe.


He knelt to the ground, sliding his hand into mine, and effortlessly fell into his place among our heap on the sand. All was right with the world, all our little noggins and fingers and toes, perfectly intertwined to capture this moment in our minds forever. Our eyes turned to the skies, the tips of our fingers floating above; hopelessly aiming to target every last star. We whispered about the patterns in the heavens, of the dot to dot game that makes up the artistry of the delicately orchestrated constellations.

Soon our voices fell silent again as we succumbed to the predictable rhythm of the surf lapping against the sand. I watched, as a flirty, white foam collected at the water’s edge; glowing in the late evening air. It mimicked the patterns of a pearly lace hem, lifting in the wind; at the edges of a navy satin dress. And then, my eyes returned to our children, as I noticed the soothing rise and fall of their tiny chests. Their only betrayal, that sleep had welcomed them.

The silence of civilization collided with the thunder of nature, as my husband and I lay together, welcoming in the arrival of secluded night time. The crickets and geckos sang their songs, like the cello and the violin, singing into the sparkling blackness. A little yellow crab darted past my chin, all along the sand between our bodies, over my knee, and then back into oblivion. The stars jogged on their axis, as the sky tilted away from them, sliding them further into the abyss. We watched a tiny orange spot that was Venus on the horizon, as it slid from view beneath the impossible seam of sea and sky.

We lay there for what seemed like hours, no words between us, just the pulsing blood between our palms.  We were tucked against the most perfect cradle, in the comfort of the sand that held the sun in its memory. In those moments we were granted an escape, a removal from civilization, freedom from socialization. We found ourselves blanketed in every perfect ounce of solace that nature brings to the spirit.

We have realized a gift for our children, for our selves, and for our family as a whole. We will be accepting it, allowing macrocosm to infiltrate our lives. There will be much, much more of this: salty kisses and starlight wishes…

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48 Replies to “Salty Kisses and Starlight Wishes”

  1. This looks and sounds spectacular! Your words are very colorful and this is very well-written, such a smooth read. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. So romantic… and so beautifully written. I can exactly imagine and it feels great. To have such a gift of a family with kids to spend such moments – obviously the highest form of luck in life 🙂

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  3. The way you describe things down to the detail of the crab on your chin to the lace hem of the ocean paints a picture much like the mural you painted on your first baby’s wall. You are so multi talented.

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    1. Thank you. I have recently discussed this with another writer/artist that I admire very much. About finding my voice: It seems to me that I am finally finding my words as a blogger. For me, it is to show my readers how an artist sees the world!


  4. How beautifully written! You made it sound so romantic! I think you could make a horrible trip sound amazing. I feel like I am going to have to look up macrocosm. Looked it up Learn something new everyday!


  5. Hi, I run a community for families who love independent travel and I’ve recently started a new #FeatureFriday piece where I showcase a family travel blog or featured article.
    I would love to feature your blog as we have a lot of families on or planning round the world trips, so your posts on Ecuador would be welcomed.
    The group is on Facebook under the same name as the website.
    Let me know 🙂

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