Beach Braids

Last weekend we finally had the chance to meet up with the lovely gal that braids our hair for us. We don´t this ALL the time, but I think it’s the 4th or 5th we’ve had them in now. We already had plans for a beach day with the other expat kids, so we invited her and her partner to join us there! The sand was wet and it wasn’t very warm that morning, so we huddled together on the rocky shoreline.
We always find this relaxing to have her comb and braid our hair, and it was especially nice to experience it with the group this time.
The process takes about 20-30 mins each and cost $6 per head for each of us. The hair stylist walks the beaches on the weekends, looking for willing participants. She carries with her, a photo  book with close to 2 dozen designs to choose from. She also carries beads and colored strings around her necks that can be added for fancier braids. If we are gentle in our care for them, they last anywhere from 1 week to a month.


As you can see from the photos, she is always very sweet and happy and seems to thoroughly enjoy spending her days this way. On this busy holiday weekend, she had her sister along that was helping her. Sometimes she has her young daughter (maybe age 5?), who loves to laugh and play with the kids, and to help us pick out the prettiest braids. Every time we see her, she teaches me around 4 or 5 new Spanish words, and I appreciate her all the more for that! She was the first person who taught me the Spanish word for Husband, as well as how to ask “how much?”. Pretty simple words, but also incredibly important to know! She even sings little songs to the kids, counting and naming the colors of the rubber bands in Spanish. It’s a wonderful experience all around, and we all squeal for joy when we see coming up the beach.





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