Theatrical Street Performances


The images that I captured from the festivals over the weekend are not everything that I was hoping for. The event was beautiful and captivating, but I simply was not prepared for the shooting conditions. I can’t help it but to explain that I am just a novice at photography and I still have so, so much to learn. Action and low light conditions are not something I have much experience with, and certainly not in combination. But, I am now more determined than ever to learn the techniques.


This is a slideshow I created of the performers from the evening event. There was a beautiful blend of modern dance, traditional dance, and cultural music.The mood was different than the last street festival we attended, and I came to understand why. Most of these performers were not local and had traveled great distances to be here. In addition, it was the first time they had performed on the street. The dancers typically perform in a theatrical setting. So, it’s completely understandable why their nerves and giggles were hard to contain.They were just nervous! For us, the combination of professionalism and naivete were charming. We enjoyed every moment of their performances as well as the “behind the scenes” antics we were so fortunate to see.

132  062 055 200    The Fire Dance was one of our favorite performers, amazing that she never got scorched.                                                                                                                                                                 108

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16 Replies to “Theatrical Street Performances”

  1. That looks like a wonderful evening! You did well with your photography! High shutter speed is the thing – both for low light and for movement – so high iso and low f-stop. Then of course the pictures will be grainy which you can usually fix a bit in editing. Do you use any editing software? I think the opening photo is great – the combination of the man in focus, and the blurred woman showing the movement.

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    1. Oh thank you so much, Alison! I was just so frustrated with the shots I didn’t get! And I wish I could say that first shot was on purpose…it wasn’t and I’d be hard pressed to repeat it! I’m taking notes with your tips for next time 😉 I did use editing software, without it, I had nothing to post!

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  2. Such beauty and grace! Regardless of the low lighting and conditions, these still perfectly capture the moments that you were able to experience. As a former dancer I love watching others and their rhythm.

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    1. Whew! I guess it wasn’t a total fail then! As a dancer, I’m sure that you would have been entranced by this evening. I wasn’t expecting anything of this calibur, and I was awed by the grace and talent of each of these performers.


  3. Your picture turns out well! The way that girl playing with fire is especially draws my attention, but I cannot put my fingers on it. I always intrigued by the street art and I am glad you had a great time there!

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  4. It’s always refreshing to see blogs so offbeat – something different from tips and guide stuff. Thanks for sharing amazing pictures about street performances.

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