The Sky is the NOT the Limit

When it comes to self directed learning, there are no limits. Days like these are what make our choices worth it. When we allow the imaginations of children to blossom, beautiful things happen. This is what “Unschooling” is about. Letting our children decided for themselves what is interesting and what is not. It encourages self interest and passion, and with all hope, will promote a life long desire for learning.

Peanut just turned 4, and we have been practicing Unschooled Preschool for about 6 months.

Peanut came to us with a request, to see shadows made of color and to mix colors through glass. She provided me with the list of supplies that she needed, and together we all experimented with color mixing and light reflections. In the second photo you can see the colorful shadows she was aiming for. We started out with the basic primary colors of red, yellow, and blue and the interest quickly blossomed into how to make colors like orange, green, and purple without actually mixing the dyed water.
She expressed that next time she would like to do this experiment with a white flower, to see the flower transform into a rainbow of colors by “feeding” it dyed water.
Remember, myself and Carlos did not introduce this idea to her. She discovered it on her own through an educational program that we allow her to watch. And she alone decided to pursue the experiment and investigation. She was so passionate about it, that she did not even need to watch the show a second time to remember the necessary ingredients and steps…she recalled it all from memory after seeing it just one time!

Clear glasses of water dyed with the Primary Colors.
What colors make Orange?
What colors make Green?
What colors make Purple?


6 Replies to “The Sky is the NOT the Limit”

  1. I love the theory behind self directed learning. So many children learn at different paces, and in different ways. Allowing them to take the lead in their learning does foster a higher level of learning. I myself have 3 children, one in public school. Self Directed learning is something that his school has actually embraced. While not on the same level as what you’re able to do at home, giving her almost complete control, they give them the “topic” and steps and they are able to choose how and when and what steps to take.
    i love her experiment above, and would love to try this one at home with my 2 littles.

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    1. It sounds like a wonderful choice for your child, I wish more public schools had options like that. I love these little experiments that my daughter comes up with, I usually learn just as much as she does! I highly recommend trying this one with you kiddos, I think a wide range of ages would love it!


  2. I love this! Great project and so much to learn from this experiment. My little one goes to public school, but we do try to throw in a lot of after-school educational activities to pick her brain and let her just be creative.

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    1. Thank you! That is wonderful that you find ways to supplement your daughter’s education. It’s true what they say, that kids are like sponges! It’s fun offer then a little extra and see what they do with, plus sitting next to them while they learn is so inspiring 🙂


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