123 Species of Hummingbirds in Ecuador


It’s no big surprise that we see tributes to the hummingbird everywhere we go in Ecuador, especially so in the capital city of Quito.
The very diverse, artistic culture in the country loves to give extra focus on arguably the most beautiful bird in the world. The image of the hummingbird has been used for centuries as a cultural symbol of the country. Ecuador is particularly known for the vibrant colored variations of the bird.


Although it is not the official bird of the country, Ecuador is home to 123 species of hummingbirds, living in every single climate region from the coast to the glacier peaks. We tried to lure them in to our garden with homemade feeders, but to no avail. We have been told that they may not come near because we have dogs. I have seen just one hummingbird in Ecuador, during our stay at El Quinto Ranch in the Andes at nearly 12,000 feet (when our dogs were not present). It had a stunning cobalt blue head with a black and white penguin colored body. I believe it was the Ecuadorian Hillstar. Unfortunately, I did not get a photo.
These painted sculptures were displayed at the park where we stood on the Equator. Our four-year old daughter was especially crazy for them, as they combined her two true passions: Birds and Art. It was hard to choose a favorite, among 50 or more displays, but these are her top 5 picks. #1 being the rainbow hummingbird,because just like her mother, she finds it impossible to choose a favorite color. Only through the eyes of an artist, can all colors be appreciated in equal wonder!




14 Replies to “123 Species of Hummingbirds in Ecuador”

    1. Ecuador is an incredibly artistic country and we continue to amazed at how talented the people are. We always find ourselves in awe of sculptures, the artistry in many trades, and in the street art scene. It’s not hard to see why they are so inspired, when the country is home to so much beauty in it’s surroundings…liked 123 kinds of hummingbirds!!


    1. Hummingbirds are special for sure, we loved them in Iowa and in Ecuador,too! They actually are not the official bird of the country, the Ecuadorian Condor is, but I would have to check to see if the hummingbird is specifically attributed to one of the provinces. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me!


  1. We so love this sort of art!! The kids would LOVE it! We saw decorated penguins all over the city of Tulsa, OK and cows in Denver…and guitars in the airport…art is a great way to capture the imaginations of travelers. 🙂

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    1. Absolutely! The penguins would be really neat..I can’t help but wonder why Penguins in Oklahoma?! I have seen many painted cows in various locations, too! Whatever it is, the art always captures our attention…especially for the kids!


  2. I adore hummingbirds and we put feeders each year in northern Illinois. I’ve always wondered why they even migrate to up here when the have such wonderful all year flowers down there and the caribbean. I love that your artistic daughter appreciates the artwork 🙂

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    1. We probably had similar birds in Iowa and it was our daughter who got us into bird watching. She has always loved birds since before she could talk! And her interest and talent for art are something precious as well. She is a special little girl truly thriving in this big world!!


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