Standing on the Equator Means Being in Two Places at Once

Standing on Β 0’0’0″ on the Equator.

Have you ever missed somebody so much, that you wished you could just reach across the distance to grab them by the hand?

Or have you ever wished that you could be in two places at once?

When you’re standing on the Equator, anything is possible! Just outside of Quito, you can stand on the dividing line between the north and south hemispheres. Therefore, enabling you to have one foot on each side of the globe. Or, as you can see with our kids, it is possible to hold hands with someone on the other side of the planet!
The opportunity to stand at 0’0’0″ latitude, it a unique one for sure! When a time like this arrives, there is nothing else to do but seize the moment!

It cost us each 7 or 8 dollars, and the kids were free, to stroll around the gardens encompassing the momument to the Equator. The park was full of sculptures, indigenous tourist shops, restaurants, museums, and exbits. For an additional fee you can buy the pass that allows full access to all of the museums, and planetarium, as well as a tour of the interior of the monument that takes you to a sky deck. It seems that a half or even full day could easily be spent on the grounds, although we opted to take a leisurely stroll through the premises only spending about an hour there.

Whichever your preference, it is great icon of Ecuador full of incredible memorable photo ops. The kids even enjoyed playing on a playground and viewing the llamas that live here. Plus, it was a great way to talk about maps, locations, geography, and the flags of other countries.

039-2Ciudad Mitad del Mundo , the Monument on the Equator

Me and the kids sitting on the Equatorial Line in Ecuador!
My husband Carlos and the kids haning out in the park that surrounds the Monument to the Equator.
Our kids holding hands from different sides of Β the planet, the north an south hemispheres.
The monument that marks the equator surrounded by flags.


13 Replies to “Standing on the Equator Means Being in Two Places at Once”

  1. That is a memory for a lifetime! So glad you were able to experience this as a family. I didn’t realize that you had to pay for this so that’s great to know! Definitely looks like you had some terrific weather for it and that it was worth the visit. Hope to make it there myself someday! πŸ™‚


    1. Yes I think we got lucky as the stop was not planned. The weather is pretty fickle around Quito, especially this time of the year. Many great things to see and do in Quito, definitely put in on your list of you plan to spend time in South America.

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  2. The kids are so adorable!! Stole my heart with the cute picture of them holding hands, reminded me of my childhood memories with my sister ( along with I run the blog). Hope your kids also make many more travel memories together :).
    And what a beautiful way to spend a day with family, leisurely walking between Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Do you get any kind of memento after visiting the place, like maybe an item that has “You crossed the Equator” ?

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    1. Thank you very much! We are hopeful that the kids will travel together when they are older as well, and perhaps even with us when we are all older. We did not get a memento, but we also did not enter any of the museums or exhibits and we refrained from paying tourist prices in the tiendas. But, I have no doubt that you would find something like if you were looking for it. Mostly this a pretty popular photo op for those who are lucky enough to be there on a day with great weather.


  3. You have adorable kids! Great to let them experience the adventure while their still young. I live the odea of standing in both sides of the globe, this is my frist time to know about this line thanks for sharing!

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  4. I remember how excited I used to be to cross state or country lines so that I could be in two places at once. Of course, being in two countries at once isn’t quite as epic as straddling the equator though! The playground and llamas seem to make this place ideal for a family outing!

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