Friday Night Street Food

14463192_823595357777546_4825390380023905291_nOn the weekends we typically see food vendors on the streets along main street. These plates are what you will find at many of them. The grills use wood coals. The women are usually along with their kids or extended family, and they set up just before sun the goes down. They cook choclo, which is an Ecuadorian form of corn-on-the-cob. They also have skewers with chicken, beef and sausage smothered in a cilantro mayo dressing and chimichurri sauce.
The grilled bananas are a special type of sweet plantain called Madura, if you like, they stuff it them with grated cheese. The corn-on-the-cob is nothing like the American version in either taste or texture. The kernels are more dense and not sweet and juicy, the cobs are much thicker and heavier in weight. I have never seen them served with butter or salt,but instead they are usually rolled in olive oil or mayonaise and then rolled in shredded or grated cheese.




5 Replies to “Friday Night Street Food”

  1. Ah…their corn on the cob sounds like the ‘elotes’ I buy from street vendors when I visit Chicago. They slather the corn with mayo, roll it in grated cheese then cover it with cayenne and chili…so good..I cannot imagine it with other than our juicy, plump sweet corn though.
    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I’ve never heard of elotes, but, yet, it does sound a bit similar in the preparation at least. I am from Iowa, so for me, trying something other than sweet corn was tough to swallow. I was warned by other expats in the area, that I would hate Choclo. But, I was determined to see it through. Honestly, the first few times, I wanted to throw it away. But, I as let of my expectations, I found an appreciation for the different variety. Now, I eat it almost every weekend!


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