14492569_823457611124654_5175206603535378628_nWe try not to force our kids to learn Spanish, but we do hope that it happens by osmosis!! 🙂 We try to remind them that making friends will be easier when they speak the same language. However, a two and almost 4 year old have their own ideas about priorities! We love it when we find ways for them to learn under their own interests.

Peanut is particularly fascinated with the body, so when Carlos found this for sale right in our village, the $1.75 it cost seemed well worth it.

I was given some advice awhile back, to teach our kids the body parts in Spanish before anything else. The reason was so that in an emergency, they could tell a doctor where they are hurting. I think it’s a great idea, and I can’t wait to learn the bones right along with them!

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  1. We recently learnt that our son (four years old) knows Spanish vowels from his daycare. 🙂 After saying AEIOU, he was repeating something harmonic, which later we found to be Spanish vowels. We are in a border town (El Paso) of USA; Day cares teach some Spanish words and letters in addition to regular curriculum. As you said, this may become handy at times. 🙂

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  2. I have saved this page for myself to learn the body parts. I am not a kid anymore but I need to learn this just in case, but learning a new language like Spanish makes me feel like kid now, and sometimes I have tough time reading kid books (in Spanish).

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    1. Good for you, I’m so glad that you find it useful! I’m still learning too, and I’m quite proud of that. I believe that lifelong learning may be the secret to longevity for a number of reasons. I also highly recommend looking into the the website and app called Duolingo . I use the program and quite honestly, I read and write Spanish better than I understand or speak it. It’s free too which I always love!

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      1. Thanks Stephanie!I just looked at Duolingo and I am about to take the placement test, but I am quite the opposite and that I understand and speak it better than read and write (I am gonna suck at that test:) . I love that I can use Duolingo to learn other language too. Learning is a lifelong process but I agree they have create lots of benefits to our health and our brain.

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