What’s In A Fruit Truck?

14517543_824374637699618_931562059140187935_nThis fruit truck usually comes on Saturdays. It pulls up outside our gate and the driver whistles or shouts to get our attention. It is an extended family that runs this business, sometimes we see the son in his late teens/early twenties or the grandfather along to help for the day. All of them attempt to learn the English words for their produce, and they are very patient with me when I ask over and over again the names in Spanish. This weekly experience is one my favorite opportunities to practice the language.14448888_824374621032953_8765694430008894314_n


We eat a ton of fresh produce! Fuits and vegetables are the main sources of daily snacks for the kids. The rest I use for my daily cooking needs.
All of this on the table will be gone by Thursday or Friday, and I’ll be desperate for the arrival of the truck again by Saturday. We don’t buy extra because even if we did have room for more, most of it wouldn’t last a whole week. All of this comes from local resources and is ripe when it arrives. No preservatives or sprays to extend shelf life!
This week’s purchase includes: 1 large bunch of cilantro, 1 huge pineapple, 1 enormous papaya, 1 lb of strawberries, 3 cucumbers, 5 bunches of garlic, 2 large carrots, 1 lb of red onions, and 8 apples. Plus, 4 oranges given as a thank you “gift”. The total for all of it was $8!!!

5 Replies to “What’s In A Fruit Truck?”

  1. That is very exciting! We have seen a few food trucks in El Paso (which is not be even close to what your family is experiencing). The trucks provide very fresh fruits and veggies. I guess, the food trucks we see are from local growers of the nearby region (El Paso, New Mexico, Mexico).

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