On Top of Quito

031.jpgWhile visiting grandma in Quito, we took a trip up the Teleferico.
This is a glass cable car ride that takes one from 9,415 feet to 13,450 feet in approximately 10 minutes. The aerial lift ride offers exquisite views of the “City of the Heavens” aka Quito,as well as the surrounding farmlands, the Pichincha Volcanoes, and of the 2nd highest active volcano in the world; Cotopaxi. Reports say that the Spectacled Bear of the Andes still live in the volcano lands and can sometimes be seen from the teleferico.
At the top, there is an extensive hiking trail that takes you up to the peaks of the volcanoes, the signs say that the trail is difficult and takes approximately 5 hours. That certainly wasn’t an option for us with the high altitude and our very young kids, but I’m sure it would be quite the adventure for the hiking and trekking crowds.

On a clear day, or even in a clear moment, you have the opportunity to View the Ruca de Pichincha and Cotopaxi Volcanoes.

3,000 feet about Quito, the city is silent and the mountainside is serene.
Looking out the windows of the glass cable car in Quito’s teleferico.
A short path at the top of the Volcanoes is bathed in colorful bricks.
The views from the city from up in the Teleferico.
The Ruca de Pichincha can be tough to catch without cloud cover!
Literally moments later, full cloud cover enveloped the Volcano Point.
Cotopaxi is notoriously difficult to photograph due the the unstable weather condition surrounding it.

The kids really enjoyed playing the cool and breezy highlands, they had little interest in the city below and only wanted to investigate nature!

11 Replies to “On Top of Quito”

    1. I’m really the one that has previously experienced any issues with altitude, the other three must be part-mountain! Haha! But, I did over hear several tourists mention being mildly dizzy, short of breath, or with a headache.


  1. How did we miss the teleferico??!!! I would have love to see Quito from up there. We didn’t have a wonderful time in Quito, being very travel weary at that time, but we did climb most of the way up Cotopaxi. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

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    1. My first time in Quito was awful too, I had terrible altitude sickness. This time, I followed the advice of the locals and took the traditional medicine that they use. It worked like a charm!!When were you in Quito? The teleferico is relatively new, it opened in 2005 I believe. How wonderful that both of you got to experience Cotopaxi! Hopefully we will do that to when our kids are a few years older ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Well you know, Ecuadorian tourism has some very odd methods in my opinion! I often wonder where they gather their insights and planning, as much of it doesn’t make sense and they forget to mention many incredible places that I would imagine would be huge tourist attractions! Going to read your post now…thanks for sharing!

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