The Symbolism in a Suitcase

13620845_779765945493821_7700818682570113459_nI caught the kids playing in this suitcase today. I immediately thought, great..they dumped all their toys out again. And then, I started reminiscing about packing that suitcase, back in Iowa, when we were just beginning this crazy adventure. Can you believe that it’s been almost 5 months since we left?! And secondly, can you believe that almost ALL of their toys fit into this suitcase?!
It is just incredible how much can happen in five short months, how much we can change, grow and evolve under the right circumstances. I look at this small suitcase and I shudder to think about how many toys they used to have, how much “stuff” we used to have. And I remember how incredibly stressful it was to figure out how we would downsize all of it to just 8 duffel bags.
But, then it was all done, all gone..and it was so liberating. It was the beginning of a new life for us, and we have changed so much, that now I struggle to understand how we came to exist in the way that we did back then.
When we visit the city for necessities, we don’t even look for toys now…or clothes, jewelry, make up, or anything unnecessary at all. The “want” has left us. All of us. The kids understand now, that we are going shopping for we really need. ..and less for what we want. I can’t remember the last time they asked for toys. Often times, we get home to realize that we forgot to get something. That something is always something that one of us wanted, but didn’t we forgot. It wasn’t long ago, that the opposite was true. I remember going to the city for necessitities in Iowa, as well. Only we drove home questioning how we spent the money we did, and wondering what was even in the sacks, in the back of the truck. More often than not, we came home, having forgotten several important items, but with equally as many things that we didn’t really need.
I’m incredibly grateful that this type of crazy consumerism has stopped for us. That our children see greater value in other things. We don’t cringe over broken toys and stained clothes anymore. Instead, we find a way to fix them, to make them last a bit longer, to see them in a new light. We live in a society that lives this way, and it has changed us for the better. We have come to understand the world from a different angle.
We are seeing little changes, subtle enlightenment, big evolution. It is so exciting to look back and reflect on these milestones that have snuck right by. I am proud of us, for allowing it all to happen.
And I can’t wait to see, what will be next!

4 Replies to “The Symbolism in a Suitcase”

    1. Thanks! As our kids get older, we hope travel with the bare minimal..we’re getting there. Done with bottles and nearly done with diapers! The biggest success has been in our home life though, to realize that we just don’t need much. 😀 Right now they are running around with any empty tea box and an empty ziploc bag box..pretending that they are treasure boxes. We can finally see that toys are just so over rated, and pretty unnecessary,too.

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  1. This is a great post! Yes, we find that we don’t need all the stuff the consumerism is stuffing down our throats. We started traveling for about 3 weeks each Christmas time when the kids got a break and it was so refreshing to get away from all the Christmas hubub, gift giving of too much, decorations and endless Christmas songs played. We stopped putting our own decorations and tree up at that time which was 10+ years ago….we simply don’t miss it. We’ve recently downsized and simplified our lives and it is so liberating!

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    1. Oh yes, we did have an experience like that with our first abroad this past year. Luckily, we were already expecting the lack of consumerism, so it wasn’t a shock. We were at a point already where we were able to simply enjoy the experience for what it was. It was surely the most beautiful Christmas of our lives and we can’t wait to experience more of that in a different country this year!


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