Kinder Joy

From what I understand, these great little treats with toys, are not available in the USA. Our kids love to get them here, for a rare treat. They remind me of the surprise bags that my older sister and I used get at the dollar store when we were kids. Does anybody else remember those? They were just a simple brown bag with either a pink ribbon for girl toys or a blue ribbon for boy toys. There was no way to peak inside and the contents were a complete surprise. 13599974_777919562345126_4494695399051749683_n
These Kinder Joy eggs don’t specify for a boy or girl toy, they are intended to be universal. Once opened, one side reveals several pieces of a toy that must be assembled. There is a small instruction sheet, and the assembly is simple enough for a 3-4 year old. The other half is a sweet, something like Nutella with 2 tiny candies in the middle. It comes with a plastic spoon for scooping. 13645234_777919575678458_3038471034626180051_n
Our kids are genuinely more interested in the toy…the puzzle-like assembly is pretty fun! Sometimes they eat the candy, sometimes they don’t. The toys aren’t as poorly made as you’d think. If we can keep the kids from losing any of the pieces, the tiny toys last and are played with quite a bit.
We picked these up a few days ago, Monkey got the wheel shooter toy and Peanut got the car.

The pieces of the wheel shooter.
Assembled wheel shooter.
Instructions for the wheel shooter.
The pieces of the car.
Instructions and assembled car.

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