Caterpillar House

The “Caterpillar House” withe caterpillar and leaves inside.

In recent months, I’ve noticed more than ever that our oldest learns best through the outdoors. She loves animals, birds, plants, flowers, rocks, etc. The Outdoors and Art. This girl could literally craft for hours on end every day. This is a great balance for us, as we can easily spend half the day outdoors, then come inside to craft, and spend the evenings outdoors again. We are enjoying that there is so much to see and enjoy, in our neighborhood. The craft supplies are a little harder to come by, but that has just inspired is to get more creative.

Craft leaves inspired by the real thing!

Yesterday, we came up with this idea together, to make a caterpillar house. Lately, almost everything that we create has something to do with habitats or houses. I’m sure that she is learning a lot through this projects, about nature and art. Peanut has also recently been asking me to help her more with creating what she wants through art. For this, I draw or create an object that she chooses, and then she makes her

Our “pet” caterpillar.

own creation either on her own paper, or next to it. For this activity, we looked for a stick and a leaf outside. We glued the pieces of the caterpillar to the stick, and we studied the leaf. She decided to outline the leaf and then color it according to her imagination. For the house, we glued construction paper and drew the outside world on the paper that was pasted to a recycled box.
Unless her little brother gets to it and destroys it, Peanut with likely play with this for a week or more. Lots of learning fun 🙂

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