Yes, She is Learning

13503075_771599696310446_1847701519862041590_oThe past few weeks Peanut has shown some resistance to my homeschool preschool agenda. I’m slowly understanding, through her, the importance of letting her learn at her own pace. I’m finding out what it means, as a parent (and as her proposed educator) to just let go, and let her be. To TRUST that she is indeed learning. I do not offer any direction, suggestion, or instruction when is comes to her art, unless she asks. She is learning. To let her play and explore on her own, are the best gifts that I can give her. She is only 3 after all. And she is learning. 13537793_771599712977111_4459895133223943523_n
It doesn’t really matter if she mixes the paint colors together, smushes my only paint brush, uses 20 sheets of paper, and leaves a gigantic mess in the bathroom sink…right after it was cleaned. She is learning. Who am I to stop her, push her in another direction, and ridicule her over waste and mess?
She is learning. She is learning. She is learning! I refuse to miss the importance of this!

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