Nail Art in Ecuador

Surprise! A home visit manicurist!

Yesterday my husband surprised me and my mini with a Mani/Pedi gift!

Silvia, the manicurist does home visits. She arrived with a case full of polish and tools, photos cards with examples of her designs, and a big, friendly smile.  She works well with young children and I was impressed with her patience and ability to perform quickly and efficiently on those wiggly toes!
Peanut of course, loves her mini bows 🙂

When she put her brush to the canvas of my nails, I was fascinated to see her skill level. It was certainly the experience of watching a true artist in action.

This manicure is among the best I’ve ever had!
No acrylics, airbrushing, or stencils were used. Just regular nail polish, an exceptionally steady hand, and a talented Ecuadorian lady.

The cost? $10! $7 for me and $3 for our daughter! No extra charge for custom designs. No extra charge for a french manicure. And no.. that wasn’t a typo.
It REALLY was $10, all said and done.13413683_762881123848970_4187773595439925684_n
Wow! I have said it before and I will say it again: I am really enjoying the artistic nature of the Ecuadorian communities. The affordability is just a bonus 🙂

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