Mixed Rice with Shrimp & White Fish

Mixed Rice with Shrimp & White Fish

Our 3 year old daughter “buying” the shrimp we cooked for lunch.

It’s such an experience to buy your fresh shrimp straight from the back of a truck.. take it home, and cook it with garden fresh ingredients. It just can’t get any more natural than this. Forget hormones, preservatives, and additives. This type of food comes straight from the source, just as if you caught it or dug it up with your own bare hands. Only we didn’t! We bought it on the street for a fraction of the price of its evil alternative in the USA.

I’ve never made “Mixed Rice” before, but it’s a typical option on any restaurant menu in our neck of the woods…yesterday seemed like the right day to try, as I already had white fish fillets at home marinading for lunch.
This is one the best and most flavorful fish dishes I have ever made. It was so good, I think we’ll make it again today!


This is how we made it:

2 large carrots (diced)
1 medium red onion (diced)
1 bunch of garlic (minced)
3 TBSP of Olive Oil

2 cups of rice
5 cups of water
2 white fish filets (marinated over night in lemon, garlic, onion and parsley)
10-15 large shrimp (peeled, deveined)
1 green bell pepper (chopped into quarters)

1/2 cup chopped Cilantro
1/4 lime/lemon juice
(Mix these together and set aside)

In a large skillet: heat the olive oil and add carrots, red onion, and garlic. Cook about 4 minutes on medium heat
Add the rice and the water. Let it come to a boil and cover. Reduce heat and cook for 10 minutes.
Lay bell pepper quarters on top of the rice.
Then, add shrimp and fish by laying them on top of the rice. Cover.
Let simmer until shrimp turns pink and the fish flakes.
Remove from heat.
Remove and discard pepper.
Remove shrimp and cut into bite size pieces.
Return to pan and then drizzle the cilantro lemon mix over the top.
Mix everything until well combined.
Let cool and serve in bowls.

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