The Products of Our New Life

We’ve been in Ecuador for 3 months (May 27th) now! It’s been long enough that we have started to get a little more comfortable with Ecuadorian products. When we first arrived, going to the grocery store was one of the most overwhelmingly experiences for me. Most items here are NOT American… which meant that I did not recognize logos, packaging, or labels. I also did not even recognize what nearly 80% off the items were. And to add to all of that, of course everything is in Spanish. Even if I didn’t know what something was, I couldn’t rely on a package to tell me if I couldn’t read it.
We really do not buy very many packaged items here, most of the items that we really need can be bought from a street vendor or from a Mom’n’Pop type of establishment.
Of course, there are some things that you can’t expect to be “made” by the people, like toilet paper for example.
I took a few photos of the staples that we typically get from either the big box type store or from a local tienda (shop/store).

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