Zapote: an Amazon Fruit

We tried a new fruit today!
These are called Zapote.

The exterior skin is thick and velvety.
The interior is soft and a bit stringy.
There are approximately 8 pits in the center, similar to a peach pit.
The taste and texture, to me, are like a combination of pumpkin and mango. Sweet, but not overly sweet.
The smell, is pretty much just like corn silk!
The skin and the pits are not edible.



This particular variety is native to the Amazon rain forest.

Health Benefits:
Anti-inflammatory, often used in treatment for Rheumatoid pains
Reduces the levels of Arterial tension
Revilatizes hair

Nutrition Facts:
For every 100 grams,
75 calories
0.8 grams of protein
O.2 grams of fat
0.9 grams of fiber
18.5 gram of carbohydrates
130 mg Vitamin A
8.5 mg Vitamin C
22 mg Calcium
15 mg Phosphorus
1.5 mg Iron

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