Art on the Rubble

Javier before starting on a new graffiti painting.

May 19, 2016.

There is an artist, by the name of Edison “Javier” Santacruz, who is traveling around to many of the areas effected by the earthquake.
He is a friend of my husband’s and we have learned about his mission and had the opportunity the capture this photo before he began one of the paintings.

An actual representation of homes that stood in the area, prior to the earthquake.

He is a graffiti artist and he is a part of this incredible project called “Art on the Rubble”. He and a few other painters on his team are helping the community to heal.
With so many homes being demolished, the painters are on a mission to bring beauty to the rubble.

This is a painting of the local mangroves and fishing boats, it is painted on a water cistern.

We had seen and posted photos of a few of his murals, prior to the earthquake and even before we knew of him or that he had painted them.

Our admiration for his talent began long before we learned of the goodness of his heart. Javier is an accomplished painter and has previously been commissioned to paint murals throughout the community, including for the Natural History Museum.
However, we believe that this project is coming to life through no monetary compensation, and only out of the desire to bring joy and beauty to the community.

There are many, many more murals than I have photos of. It seems to us that at least 1 mural per day is being completed.

I’m looking forward to visiting the area again soon (with my better camera), as I’m sure there are hundreds of these paintings available now.

A depiction of the entryway of a historical home.

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