A Very Froggy Friday

May 13, 2016.

Today was “A Very Froggy Friday”!13179379_751082828362133_7260087958670484555_n
We put together the pond sensory bin, one of our science activities for the week.
The kids loved it, and our oldest asked if we could do this everyday : – D
This is a simple activity that anyone can do at home. It can be an outdoor activity in an type of bucket or children’s pool, in a big water puddle or even in the bath tub. Just collect any toys from around the house that could be found in a pond (frogs, turtles, bugs, snakes, snails,ducks, etc).
If you don’t have any, you can make your own with play doh or modeling clay, or anything else that you come up with.
We also collected leaves, sticks, and rocks of varying sizes. 13173914_751082841695465_720697834897334283_n
This activity can be very simple, just toss it all together and let the kids “free play”, making, creating, and experimenting in any way that they choose.
We played at this for a good 2 hours. It quickly become experiments about: what floats & doesn’t, what makes a previously floating object sink? Is there any way to make a sinking object capable of floating? How many different kinds of leaves can we find and what makes them float or not?
We also had very interactive conversations about all of the types of animals that can be found in and around ponds.
When they finished with the water, the kids played with Plastilina.. which is a type of very inexpensive but great quality kid’s modeling clay. Together we made frogs, turtles, water snakes, and even a lily pad.


The afternoon followed with unplanned, but child requested partner activities…
Reading one of our favorite books: The Noisy Counting Book.
And of course, the Disney movie:
The Princess and the Frog.
And The Letter Factory movie

I’d say this day was a success!!!

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