Part 7/ Final post of The Earthquake Series

May 7, 2016

Today marks 3 weeks since the night of the Earthquake. Life is slowly moving forward for us, as we learn to cope with a changed landscape and society, as well as an enlightened mental awareness. We have now resumed our reflections on the beauty and wonder of this unique and wild place once again.

Through our experiences, we continue to discover and admire the resilient and appreciative nature of the Ecuadorian people.
Since before and after the earthquake, we have noticed a vastly different kind of people here. The self-sufficient and independent natures of these spiritual beings are significant factors in our belief that they will not only recover, but will revitalize and improve upon what was lost.
These are a people who are proactive. They will not wait for the actions of others, nor particularly for the aid of the government. While they will genuinely cherish and accept anything that they receive, they will honor these gifts with respect, admiration and gratitude… but they will not come to expect them, and you can be sure that they will waste nothing. They will not find themselves to be above or below anything, anyone. They will not wallow in puddles, waiting for a hand to pick them up. They will not step on their brother, to greedily rise above him. Instead, they stand together.. linked by the chain of their hands joining forces. Together, with no one left behind. They embrace the differences in us all, in what makes us each unique and special. They are the descendants of a civilization that still recognize the value in collaboration, teamwork, unity.

With the explanation of the society here, we hope that it is obvious why we have to chosen to stay. This is the perfect relief from the typically American way of life, the ideal exposure for our impressionable, young children.

Despite this being a 3rd world country, and acknowledging that our material possessions are nothing compared to what we once knew, despite the language barriers, despite the lack of western comforts, despite the struggles of illness and immersion…we LOVE it here!

The devastation from the earthquake, is in our minds, only superficial. What has been lost are only creations of modern society and undoubtedly will have no bearing on the heart and soul of the people here.
From this day forward, we can only humbly hope to achieve assimilation into this beautiful society.

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