Relocating After the Earthquake

April 22, 2016

Today we are saying goodbye to this neighborhood that we love so much! There is nothing to do at this point, but to move on and find a place that is safe for our family. I don’t have a lot of photos of the destruction because I didn’t have any battery power to take photos… but, I have these few!
This was our home, the white & brown house. The house itself withstood the earthquake in remarkable fashion. The roof of the garage caved in, but otherwise only minor plaster damaged, cracks and 2 minor holes in the walls around the a/c units. The problem is, the hotel directly adjacent to the house… that building is compromised.
Early in the week, we were assured that we were fine to remain in the home. But the past 2 days, it was suggested by 2 different engineers… that maybe we shouldn’t be taking such a risk. After all, there have been some 250+ aftershocks.. and it might only take one to send the building toppling, in the wrong direction and right on top of us inside!
In the earthquake, we only narrowly escaped the falling bricks by a few feet. We might not get so lucky the next time around.

So, that settled it… last night we made the final decision not to enter the house again. We pulled the mattress out onto the sidewalk (just as we did the night after the earthquake) and tucked our kids in, under the lightless sky of this once beatiful but now devastated city.

Low and behold, we had only just closed our eyes ourselves… to be jolted awake by another shudder of the earth! What we imagined was the worst aftershock yet, was actually a new earthquake…a much smaller, but still significant.
6.1 on the scale..and this time only miles from home.

There have now been 3 seperate earthquakes, within 100 miles of eachother… within 6 days. Lord help us, I just don’t know anymore… what is this that has begun? Is over yet?

I don’t know. I am afraid. So, so affraid that there is more.
But regardless of my fears, life must go on. I am a wife and a mother… and a woman desperately needing to recover from the shock of all of this.

So, today we have moved… mostly just ourselves, our family, our dogs.. and the few items that we could grab. But, we have moved to a new location, new house… and a new start. And already it feels better, just to not see the terror we’ve been seeing and living that past 6 days.

We will take this time to regroup, refocus, and re-plan.

I am working on something to tell you all in detail what this experience has been like. I will post soon, when I’ve had time to gather my thoughts, memories, and emotions.

Thank you all so much for keeping our family in your thoughts.

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