Welcome Home, Childhood

April 5, 2016

I was out back doing laundry and I came in to squeals of laughter and Peanut hollering “Mommy, Mommy…look what we have invented!”
I can’t lie..I was mentally preparing for some horrible mess. But, I could not even be mad at the mattress COVERED in dirty foot prints!
This is exactly the type of simple, old fashioned fun that I can remember having as a kid. This is the type of imaginitive collaboration that we have hoped for. Sibling “trouble making” so to speak. Not fighting over toys or tablets or tv shows…not relying us to teach them HOW to play. Just playing. Together. Nothing needed but an empty room, a bare mattress, pillows, and a desire to play! ā™”
Maybe this has happened from necessity, from boredom even…from learning a different way of life? We do not have a tv here, today I took away the tablet, and the toys they have are very few…if these are the reasons why…then, Hooray! Welcome Home, Childhood! šŸ˜€

P.S. Everyone is feeling much, much better (if you couldn’t tell by the fun)!

#childhood #freetoplay #8duffels2mutts

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