Medical Updates

March 20, 2016

An update on our illnesseses: every one has recovered from the two back to back viruses that knocked us on our butts! No more coughs or fevers remain and the stomach issues that do, are mild enough to resume normal activities.

We finally got me to a doctor for my ear on Friday.
Turns out that I have a major inner ear infection with infection/swelling in the ear drum as well. The doctor flushed both of my ears and and put me on 5 days of anti-inflammatory and antibiotics. I will have a recheck on Wednesday. If the infection has not cleared and/or my hearing has not improved, we will be referred to an ear specialist. Let’s hope it will all be just fine!

*without insurance, the appt cost us $40 and the prescriptions were $10 (we waited for the Dr for about 5 mins on a walk in basis, and we filled out NO paperwork. And once again, no check out procedures necessary… just put the cash in the Dr’s hand!)

For all of our nurse friends: the photo below shows the prescriptions that I am on.


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