March 9,2016

Today the kids woke up feeling great and without fevers for the first time in 8 or 9 days!!! Hooray!

Nothing better to do than to seize the day. So off we went on a city walk to work on getting our Cedulas at the Registor Civil Ecuador. Going to the office was pretty much the equivalent of going to the DMV in any large, city in the USA. Only we aren’t getting drivers licenses, we are just getting Government Issue Identification Cards. Yes, the kids need them too!
It was quite a surprise when we discovered that right in the middle of the waiting area is a fabulous little enclosed play area.. complete with an attendant/”babysitter”. AND it was free with proof of appointment
My first thought was… why in the world doesn’t the USA provide a service like this?! It is truly such a simple yet genius concept!

So, while Carlos waited to be called…I watched while the kids played indoors and halfway watched ” Brave” in Spanish.
*We are still waiting approval for our Cedulas and will hopefully receive them within a few days, which will make it easier for us travel about within the country!

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