Another Medical Update

March 23, 2016
Over the past few days we have noticed some elevated symptoms in Peanut and she has struggled to recover from this stomach bug…or whatever it is.
While she attempts to resume normal activities, she lacks any appetite and often sleeps for 3-4 hours in the afternoon… and sometimes more. (For those of you who know her well, you know that she has been a non napper since almost 18 months old). She is losing weight with continued loose stools and not eating. In addition, yesterday/this morning we noticed several bowel movements that were completely void of any color… and appearing nearly white.
So, Carlos took some time off this morning to take her to the Doctor.. who then referred us to a Pediatrician… who then sent us to get her blood drawn for some testing.
The Pediatrician put her back on antibiotics for another ear & throat infection, and he ordered blood tests to rule out Hepatitis and Larvae Infection…..
In a few hours we will go to pick up the blood test results and have them analzed by the Pediatrician.
At this point we are nervous and scared to death.. and hopeful that it will it turn out to be nothing!
Please..keep us in your thoughts as we wait to learn more.


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