Fruit & the City

March 8, 2016

Monkey and I are up, sitting in the brilliant sunshine of our city Apartment window. He’s finally eating, even though he still woke up with a temp of 100.4.
We are eating Achiotillo (a fruit in the Lychee family), huge Red Grapes, and these adorable chocolate animal crackers.
Daddy is out and about doing the paperwork to get his Cedula (a type of government issued ID Card).
Mabelle is still in bed, she woke briefly this morning to take her medication. Her coughing has finally seemed to cease, but she woke up with a temp of 101.4 and a tummy ache.

Below are a few photos of the fruit and our views of the city this morning!

It is currently 63° with 63% humidity and 3mph breeze @ 9:30 am. The UV index is already a 4.

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