A week of “lasts”

February 21, 2016

2 more days in Iowa, 3 more days in the USA.

The last week has been a true week of “lasts”.
Last dinners, last playgroups, last meetings, last clean ups, and last packings! Not to mention last tears, last goodbyes and even last thoughts about our life here.

With these lasts, have come a rampant array of emotions that began with fear, frustration, and anxiety and have slowly melted into anticipation, excitement, and eagerness.
It is a funny feeling to willingly walk away from everything you have known and straight into the face of a new life that is entirely unknown.

It is a journey that will change everything. It is an opportunity to see the world in a new light. It is a chance for us to educate our children in a way that will exponentially influence their views of life. It is a time for us to strengthen our spirits, our love, and our family unit.

This place that we currently call home, and the people that we currently call our friends/family. … are not a life that we are leaving behind. They are all a part of this life that we are expanding upon. This place is where we bought our first home, got married, opened our businesses, and gave birth to our children. This “place” is our foundation. We are not abandoning that. We are not dieing. We are leaving…expanding, growing. But certainly not leaving it behind, not forgetting where we started.

So, in this time of infinite “lasts”.. we must reflect on the even greater number of “firsts” that couldn’t possibly be forgotten. After all, this place will always be where it all began.

With these thoughts, we move forward and find joy in the anticipation of a new way of life and a new way of living. We are eager to fulfill a sense of wonder, awe, and amazement in the discoveries of the not so distant future.

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