The Estate Sale

February 3, 2016.

We had the Estate Sale a few days ago… our monetary goals for the event reached in the first 2 hours! 😀 It was quite an experience and I think we are all thankful that we kept it to friends & family. I believe that it cut down on the chaos and on the low offers. Plus, it was a bit easier to see all of our belongings going out with people that we know will appreciate them. Everyone got great deals and I spent a lot of time hunting down bigger boxes. Nobody left without their arms full!
The funniest part of it all was at the end… when I looked around the house and said to my husband, “What is gone? I can’t even tell what is missing!!!”
It was a big testament to just how much “stuff” we have/had. And the bigger question… why? Why on earth did we have so much… that we didn’t even know we had? And where & when did we aqcuire it?
This whole experience has certainly lead to a lot of reflection on our part.. and a new determination to move forward in our new life with a different approach. This is an opportunity to change, to teach our children that none of this is necessary. And to understand that to live this way is quite absurd in actuality.
Now… what to do with the rest of it? We’ve started calling in all of our friends & family to come and load up. And then anyone & everyone that we think of who could benefit from any of it… we contact them too. Mostly, I’m advertising for $1 per item because people have too much pride to just come and take it free. But, when they arrive…we insist that it’s all free… help us avoid dumping fees 😉
It is no longer about getting a dime, it’s about not wasting… and helping others.
So, with any luck at all.. in another week EVERYTHING will be gone. And then we can focus on cleaning the house and packing the rest into our 8 duffel bags. Hey, maybe even less? Why do we even need 8 duffel bags of stuff? Just a thought!

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